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The QRCC Statistical Consultant team is passionate about statistics and research design and excitement about the idea of answering a broad range of advanced statistical questions from across disciplines.


Deepali Advani specializes in econometrics, spatial analysis, ArcGIS, and fundamental statistical tests using Excel, SPSS, and Stata. She is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Economics Department at the Graduate Center. She has taught several undergraduate statistics courses.

Deepali has worked in both academic research and industry, using qualitative and quantitative data and designing surveys. She has experience working with data on consumer expenditure, geospatial data, transportation, and SQL datasets.

Safa Shehab specializes in linear models, mixed-effects models and clinical research designs using R and SPSS. She is a fifth-year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Program at Queens College. She is interested in Clinical Neuropsychology.

Safa has been involved in research in academic and medical settings where she worked on studies including clinical trials, registries, and epidemiological surveys. Her doctoral dissertation investigates the effects of a smartphone-based breathing intervention on stress, mood, and cognition in young adults.

Past Consultants

Christen N Madsen II, Ph.D.

Kalina Gjicali, Ph.D.

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