The QRCC Statistical Consultant team is passionate about statistics and research design and excited about the idea of answering a broad range of advanced statistical questions from across disciplines.


Walter Kaczetow is a doctoral candidate in the Educational Psychology program at the Graduate Center. He is knowledgeable about generalized linear mixed models, psychometrics, item response theory, research design, and penalized regression. He primarily uses Stata, R, and Excel, but has some knowledge of SPSS.

Walter has taught both graduate and undergraduate statistics classes in the psychology and mathematics departments. He has conducted research in academic, non-profit, and government settings. His research has been published in the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, Innovative Higher Education, and Multivariate Behavioral Research.


John Orellana is a doctoral student in the Economics Program at the Graduate Center. He was previously a Quantitative Reasoning Fellow there and has conducted research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia for several years. He has also taught undergraduate courses in statistics.

John is knowledgeable about econometrics and empirical research design. He has experience working with individual and aggregated data, panel data, geospatial data, as well as in implementing Monte Carlo simulations. His research interests include residential choice and relocation decisions, neighborhood gentrification, political polarization, causal identification of peer effects, quasi-experimental design, and panel econometrics.

John primarily utilizes Stata and R, but has worked with Excel, Python, ArcMap, and MATLAB as well.

Past Consultants

Deepali Advani

Kalina Gjicali

Christen N. Madsen II

Safa Shehab

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