We can assist researchers in transitioning to new statistical software or statistical tests as well as brainstorming new ways to statistically analyze data or deal with missing data. We can assist students in developing statistical plans before data are collected for dissertation or thesis proposals, and in interpreting the results for dissertations or theses after data are collected.


Project/Research planning – getting started

  • Operationalizing research question
  • Designing research protocol
  • Identifying data to answer research question

Data analysis

  • Determining appropriate statistical tests
  • Developing statistical plan
  • Explaining rationale and details of statistical tests
  • Interpreting descriptive and analytic statistics
  • Visualizing data


  • Coding statistics in R, SPSS, and Stata
  • Explaining code and statistical output
  • Planning data management and cleaning


  • Guidance and modeling of methodology, results and discussion sections for articles/dissertations


Services are available free to all members of the GC community (Faculty, MA Students, PhD Students, Post-docs) from any program.